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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easy Cure For Anemia

We need easy cure for anemia. It must not only be easy, it should be less expensive and healthy. Anemia has been considered as one of the most dangerous nutrient or vitamin-deficiency in our body. Our body's red blood cells must be healthy in order to avoid diseases. Women try to drink vitamins and food supplements in order to prevent anemia. However, there are other options for anemia prevention. Let us try preparing camote tops. In other countries camote tops may be replaced by any leaves that can be eaten as green leafy vegetables. You can find green leafy vegetables in your garden, in supermarkets, and even in your backyard if you grow most of them.

All you need is to prepare some green leafy vegetables and water. Just clean the green leafy vegetables for cooking. Then, you need to boil the water. When the water is already boiled, place the cleaned green leafy vegetables in the kettle and cook in a few minutes. When cooked, place the green leafy vegetables in a plate and put a little salt to taste. Let cool the soup. You may drink the soup with a little salt then. That way, anemia can be prevented because green leafy vegetables like camote tops contain iron for a healthy blood.