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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recipes of the Week Food Trip

Saturdays are my favorite time of the week. There's no work and I have more time staying at home. During Saturdays, my activities include shopping, cooking, reading, and surfing the net. But, cooking is really my favorite activity during Saturdays. I'd like to share here what we had last Saturday. Our recipes of the week are kinilaw na isda and inihaw. Note that it's mostly seafoods.

kinilaw ng isda

inihaw na isda 



Diane Gonzales said...

I've been looking for a restaurant that offers seafood menu. Next week, we will visit Watercamp Resorts in Cavite for a yearly family outing. That's to celebrate my grandma's birthday too.

Of all resorts in Cavite, my Uncle chose Watercamp Resorts as our venue. He's been intrigued of their swimming pools, especially the lazy river. I'm so inspired in going there because of your food pictures.