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Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's Eat! Feast Saturday

I know that I have new friends here in Cuisine Delight. These are blog followers who have newly-joined here. I'm so grateful for their support. Thank you so much. I'll follow back if you have blogs.

I'd like to share photos of foods that I've been cooking lately. This is our latest feature, the Feast Saturday. You'll find lots of food photos here.

pancit bihon

fried pork chop with pancit canton

spaghetti with lots of tomatoes

Have you noticed how I loved pancit, spaghetti and vegetables? : ) Thanks for visiting!


"this fashion lark." said...

This looks delish!

Krincess Carl said...

Thanks, this fashion lark! These are Asian cuisine. :)

Trendy Karen said...

Speaking of Feast Saturday, I'm excited to accompany my best friend's kid, Giana, who's attending a Halloween party near their place. She has prepared her Halloween costume for the Haunted Castle II Halloween Party at Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite.

Thanks for sharing the food photos. I'm inspired!