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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chowking Halohalo Is An Enticing Treat For This Summer

My favorite treat for this summer is Chowking Halohalo. There's no need to explain why. What do you think? Chowking's Halohalo is delicious. I like the flavor and the color presentation of the treat. It's so heavenly. That's why I always drop by any branch of Chowking to have an enticing treat for this summer. What about you? What's your favorite treat for the summer season?

Chowking Halohalo


Diane Gonzales said...

Wow! Chowking Halo Halo is my favorite.

I have a funny experience with the dessert. One time, we're in one of the best Cavite resorts, Watercamp Resort, spending a weekend with family and relatives. I was really craving of Chowking Halo Halo so we left the resort just to find a nearest outlet. Thankfully, the venue is very accessible so I was able to have a delicious dessert that time. Thanks for sharing!