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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweet and Succulent Sashimi

I'm sure Cuisine Delight readers will be delighted to know that along Pasay Road in Makati City, there's a dish which is sweet and succulent sashimi. The restaurant is known as Century Tsukiji of Century Park Hotel. Obviously, it's a Japanese-related and inspired restaurant which is using tender and sweet imported meats and seafood. If you happen to be here in the country, it's easy to find sweet and succulent sashimi, Japanese food.

We already know that Japan is known for its overwhelming array of fresh fish, seafood and shellfish. Via airplane, good stuff fresh from Japan arrive in the restaurant everyday. Isn't it amazing? For readers who wants to comment on this post, feel free to do it. I welcome any topic related to the featured restaurant and specific food, sweet and succulent sashimi offered there.

Source: Food Magazine